Best Steak in Myrtle Beach

Best Steak in Myrtle Beach

Steak is a food that was first introduced by the British army in France after the war Waterloo. Generally steak cooked by grilled way, but can also be cooked by pan – fried or broiled. The food is usually made from one piece of the best beef. The beef used to make steak is tenderloin, sirloin, rib eye and T – bone. Although as time passes, people not only use a beef to make a steak. They also use chicken, lamb, salmon, and many others.

Best Steak in Myrtle Beach

Each steak has a different maturity level. Depending on what you want. The first is that of rare meat only grilled for 1-2 minutes each until the outside is red. This makes the meat more juicy taste. The second is medium rare, the meat grilled for 3-4 minutes on each side until the outside of the meat changes color to brown. But the inside of the meat is still red. The third is the medium, this maturity level is most preferred. Meat grilled for 5 minutes until the outside changed into brown color and the inside colored slightly reddish. This state is a state where the meat is half done. After that there was medium well which means meat grilled in hree-quarters cooked that it takes about 5-7 minutes. And the last one is well done. The meat is grilled until totally cooked 100% on the outside and inside this takes approximately 10 minutes.

Best Steak in Myrtle Beach

Steak is usually served with French fries, baked potatoes, mashed potaoes, corn, a variety of lettuce or other boiled vegetables. And that makes it more delicious with a variety of sauces on top of it is like mushroom sauce, black pepper sauce, brown sauce, cheese sauce, teriyaki sauce, and a variety of other sauces creations. It is tempting your appetite.

best family steakhouse myrtle beach

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