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Early Bird in Myrtle Beach

Steak, when cooked right, is delicious.

Here, in Lil Tokyo, our menu offers a great steak - NY Strip! The strip steak, also called a New York strip, an Iowa strip steak, is a cut of beef steaks from the short loin from a cow. It consists of a muscle that does little work, the longissimus. These names all mean the same thing: superb steaks — tender, juicy, and packed with beefy flavor. The strip is prized for its fine texture and buttery flavor. It is moderately tender and has good fat marbling. It is a tasty option to the rib eye steak which has significantly more fat content.

In order to receive maximum enjoyment from the Steak, it needs to be cooked right: in Lil Tokyo we cook the steak to perfection, teppanyaki style, cutting into small cubes and finishing it with the soy sauce. It’s important to know that our NY Strip is a USDA CHOICE and aged a minimum of 28 days. We believe steaks are at their absolute best when cooked medium-rare. It’s the perfect temperature for a nice piece of meat. The result is succulent and buttery, 10 oz. of NY Strip, which comes with mouth watering fried rice and mixed vegetables. Lil Tokyo's yum yum sauce and ginger sauce will complement your meal.

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