Steak House Myrtle Beach

Steak House Myrtle Beach

Steak House means a restaurant that sells steak as their primary menu. Usually, the restaurant has many varieties of steaks. There are many kinds of meat like beef, lamb, chicken, pork and seafood with many varieties of steak sauces. Nowadays, you can find the steak house easily wherever you are. This kind of food, I mean, the steak is booming and familiar in the whole world. Many people with many nation like to eat this kind of food. The professional chefs around the world have created the new recipes of steaks. It causes the business of selling steak is a advantageous thing because there are many people that like this kind of favorite food.

In a coastal town that is located in South Carolina, California named Myrtle Beach. It is a town that is famous with the tourism places. So, there are many kinds of the tourism facilities in that place. There are many hotels and motels, villa and most of them are located in front of the beach. There are also many restaurants, many kinds of restaurants from the small scale of restaurant up to the high class restaurants. The restaurants sell the kinds of food and some of them sell “steak”. That’s why there are many steak houses myrtle beach in that place.

If you are in this town, the Myrtle Beach, and you want to eat steak. It is a difficult thing to choose one of from them, the steak house myrtle beach. So we recommend you to visit a unique restaurant which is located by Coastal Grand Mall across from the Old Navy and Books-A-Million. It is easy to arrive the place. It is easy to find. You can call the restaurants with the Lil Tokyo Japanese Restaurant and Steak House Myrtle Beach.

the Lil Tokyo Japanese Restaurant and Steak House Myrtle Beach has many kinds of food. The Japanese Food or western food like steak and many kinds of special drinks. You can check it in our web. Visit us in

We have many special services here. The happy hour every day in 16.00 up to 18.00. the hibachi performance only for you. The sushi bar and fine dining. You can get all of them only here, in the Lil Tokyo Japanese Restaurant and Steak House Myrtle Beach.

Steak House Myrtle Beach

We also have the delivery order service. It is for you who are very tired to go outside but still want our menu. We will deliver your order fastly. We have the professional staffs in the Lil Tokyo Japanese Restaurant and Steak House Myrtle Beach. We are the best in this business.

We will treat you in the best way, every step of the way, as our part of family. You can get more information about us by visit our web. There are the list of our menu, the information about our address and our customer service. How to make a reservation. The information about our staff. You can check all of that before decide to visit us, and join to be our happy customers.

So, welcome. Satisfy your sense with our delicious food and our best services.

Lil Tokyo MB

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday : 11 AM – 10 PM

Friday-Saturday : 11 AM – 11 PM

Sunday : 12 AM – 10 PM

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4:00pm to 6:00pm

Daily Drinks Special !!!



3:00pm to 6:00pm Steak & Chicken $13.95 , Shrimp & Chicken $13.95 , Chicken & Flounder $13.95 , Steak & Shrimp $15.95



11:00am to 3:00pm - Everyday Get any to Classic Rolls for $9.95