If you are confused to find a place for a family vacation abroad with many restaurant references that matches for your tongue and your family, especially your children. Please try to visited Myrtle beach for your holiday destination and visiting Myrtle Beach Steakhouse for your dining menu with family. Which is suitable with your tongue and your family.

Myrtle beach is a coastal city in eastern America in Horry Country, South Carolina. The city is located in the middle stretch of sand known as the Grand Strand in northeast South Carolina. This city is one of several major center of tourism in America.

With the various facilities in Myrtle beach vacation for your family like many golf courses, several theme parks. Aquarium, Legends in Concert, shopping complexes, night clubs, Waves Myrtle which is one of the biggest water parks on the east coast and of course the most amazing tourist beaches. Myrtle beach also has more than 450 hotels are spread there, so you do not need to be confused to find a place for you and your family stay. Also there are more than 1900 restaurant which also spread Myrtle beach area, including a seafood restaurant and Myrtle Beach Steakhouse. It was a very nice holiday if you visit this city. Because of all that are here are very complete, from turism places, hotels, restaurants, and shopping complexes.

This city is very suitable visit in the spring, summer, or autumn. Especially in summer, myrtle beach has Sun Fun festival with shopping event. Playing golf, nightclubs, fishing, musical theater and many others. And do not forget your sunblock  when you visit there in the summer.

When you have selected Myrtle beach as your holiday destination with family. Do you ever forget to visit Myrtle Beach Steakhouse for lunch or dinner with your family. Because it does not complete it if you have a vacation in Myrtle beach without visiting Myrtle Beach Steakhouse. Because steakhouse that we offer is the best. With a choice of grilled meat with your own maturity as rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done. It’s up to which one you like.

Lil Tokyo Restaurant, Myrtle beack Steakhouse is that you must visit, with the best taste must be very suitable for your tongue. we offer a comfortable atmosphere and perfect for your visit with your family when your holiday. while enjoying the atmosphere of our restaurant and accompanied by our best steaks. we are sure you will never forget this your holiday enjoyable. You just need to come to the 780 Coastal Grand Circle, Unit V – 02, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577. Or you can contact us at 843.839.5858 prior notice if you want to make a reservation. You can also make reservation online by visiting our website at by filling the data we need for your reservation.

So soon make Myrtle Beach as your next vacation destination. And of course do not forget to visit Myrtle Beach Steakhouse as a place to eat with your family. Happy Holiday.

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3:00pm to 6:00pm Steak & Chicken $13.95 , Shrimp & Chicken $13.95 , Chicken & Flounder $13.95 , Steak & Shrimp $15.95



11:00am to 3:00pm - Everyday Get any to Classic Rolls for $9.95