Japanese Restaurant Myrtle Beach

Nowadays, Japanese Food is booming almost in every place in the world. In this new era, you should not be a Japanese for eat the Japanese Food. It causes you can find the Japanese Restaurants easily wherever you go. Japanese food was changed be a common food as burger, pizza or hot dog. A survey that was held in New York told that most of people there choose to eat the Japanese Food like noodle or miso soup or tempura for their dinner. Japanese Food was changed to be the Fast Food. Because of the reason, although you are not in Tokyo or another city in Japan, you still can eat this kind of food. Japanese restaurant usually serve many kinds of Japanese Food like sushi (it was the most popular food), sashimi, hibachi, noodles etc. But they don’t only sell the Food, they also sell the Japan Atmosphere in their restaurants.

Walking around a town in South California, Myrtle Beach. You will find many Japanese Restaurants there. They offer the same kind of food but in variety seasoning. You should be smart to choice the best one. Trust me, you should choice the Japanese Restaurant that has the best reputation. The oldest one means that they have the good reputation, haven’t they?

Japanese Restaurant Myrtle Beach

google-map-liltokyoSo visit the Lil Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Myrtle Beach in 780 Coastal Grand Circle, Unit V – 02, SC 29577, Myrtle Beach California. this restaurant was opened since 2010 until now. We serve not only the Japanese Food but also Seafood and Steakhouse here. Every kind of food is prepared freshly. All of our ingredients are always in the best condition, fresh and new. And there are many kind of menus that will you find here. For example, there are Agedashi Tofu, Fried Calamari, Fried Spider, and Gyoza for appetizers. For lunch menu, we have Edamame, Japanese Egg Roll, Shrimp Tempura, Shumai and Yakitori. If you want to bring your children to our restaurant but you worry about the menu that can’t given to your children, please don’t worry. We have some menus that we prepare only for the kids.

We also the only restaurant that has the best service. We will serve you best. Every step of the way. We promise. We treat the customers as they are our family’s part. Our staff were trained to give the best services to the customers. Every staff who works in Lil Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Myrtle Beach is polite, efficient, and absolutely kind. We have many special services like Happy Hours every Monday and the Sushi Time (you can check in our web). For you who are located away from our area or maybe too tired to visit our place, you can call us and we will deliver your food.

If you want to hold a formal dinner with your girlfriend, boyfriend, friends or your family. Please make a reservation. Visit the Lil Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Myrtle Beach web site and make reservation or call us in 843.839.5858. we will prepare the seats for you in the best service.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best service and the best food only in Lil Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Myrtle Beach. Tanoshimu. 😀

Lil Tokyo MB

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday : 11 AM – 10 PM

Friday-Saturday : 11 AM – 11 PM

Sunday : 12 AM – 10 PM

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4:00pm to 6:00pm

Daily Drinks Special !!!



3:00pm to 6:00pm Steak & Chicken $13.95 , Shrimp & Chicken $13.95 , Chicken & Flounder $13.95 , Steak & Shrimp $15.95



11:00am to 3:00pm - Everyday Get any to Classic Rolls for $9.95