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Hibachi is a traditional Japanese heating device. It usually consists of a round, cylindrical or a box-shaped open-topped container. It also usually made ​​from or lined with a heatproof material and designed to hold burning charcoal.

In this case Hibachi is the kind of service from a Japanese restaurant where the chef cooks the food we wanted a table in front of us. Hibachi restaurant is usually very suitable we visit with family. So we sit at a table outside the U-shaped section. And inside there is a box shaped stove, and there is a chef who is usually called Hibachi chefs will cook the food we ordered. It is very pleasant.

Do you know that not all chefs can be a Hibachi chef. Because the Hibachi chef must have a special ability. The first is the Hibachi chef must have the ability to cook. Of course all cooks should have the capability of this one. But the difference, how to cook hibachi chefs will be a spectacle of the restaurant customers. The second capability of existing capabilities Hibachi chef attractions. While other chefs cooking dish menu in the usual way. Hibachi chef required to cook their food by demonstrating the attractions. Start of throwing cookware such as spatulas, spoons, forks, throwing an egg, fire play to throw the food on the plate even in the mouths of customers. The third capability is the ability of the chef Hibatchi humor. Hibatchi chef would make funny jokes to make customers restaurant laugh, so they do not get bored while waiting for their orders so.

Hibachi Myrtle BeachIf you’re in California and are looking for models Hibachi Japanese restaurant. Try to drop by our restaurant in the Myrtle Beach area. Exactly 780 Coastal Grand Circle, Unit V – 02, 29577, Myrtle Beach, California. You do not have far to go to Japan to enjoy the Hibachi. Simply come to our restaurant and you feel the taste of Japan in our restaurant. Hibachi chef with the ability is not in doubt from the start of cooking ability, attractions, and humor that will not make you bored while waiting for your order finished to cooked by our Hibatchi chef.

Hibachi in our restaurant is the best in this town. Without having to go to Japan, you can already feel the atmosphere of Japanese cuisine as well as being in Japan. You can also reserve a table in advance if you are afraid of not getting a table when visit our restaurant. you just need to contact us at 843.839.5858 or via the online reservation by visiting our website at http://www.liltokyomb.com/online-reservation/ and fill the data we need to provide a table that you beam. It is easy, isn’t it?

So what do you wait? Feel the pleasure of Japanese dishes that you want. We are sure you will not be disappointed with the service and taste the cuisine that we provide. Because we are the best. And of course, you do not need to worry about the price. Because we give you a price that suits your pocket. so you can taste the delicious Japanese food and of course saving your money.

Enjoy our Hibachi menu. Taste of Japan that you will remember. arigato

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